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Application for membership in The Mobile Symphonic Pops Band shall be a high school graduate or the equivalent and shall be required to demonstrate musical competence.

Individuals wishing to apply for membership in The Mobile Symphonic Pops Band shall submit a written application to the Board of Directors. When a position becomes available the applicant will be asked to appear for an interview or audition. After all interviews for the position have been completed, the applicant shall be informed of his or her acceptance or deferral.

Members of The Mobile Symphonic Pops Band will be required to maintain satisfactory attendance at rehearsals, performances, and other activities, demonstrate continuing musical competence, and abide by the requirements and regulations stated in the Bylaws and Operating Procedures issued by the Board of Directors. An individual may be placed on probation or his or her membership terminated for failure to meet the above responsibilities.

Any member who expects to be absent from the activities of the Band for a period of time exceeding three weeks shall submit to the Board of Directors for approval a request for a Leave of Absence.

Rehearsals are held on Monday from 7pm to 9pm at the Davidson High School band room. 

Click here to submit a request for membership.

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