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Job Opening - Property Manager

January 1, 2024 at 9:45:06 PM

Opening for Property Manager of The Mobile Symphonic Pops Band

The Mobile Symphonic Pops Band is seeking a Property Manager. We encourage any interested individuals to apply for consideration by February 29,2024.

About Us - The purpose of the Mobile Pops is to promote the concept of the adult community concert band. The band operates as a non-profit community arts organization to provide an opportunity for musical expression among the membership; to provide quality music for all listeners; to contribute positively to the musical environment and cultural image of the Greater Mobile Metropolitan Area; and to stimulate interest in and reaffirm the position of the community band as an integral part of American music. Learn more at

Duties – The Property Manager of The Mobile Symphonic Pops Band shall serve as an independent contractor appointed by the Board of Directors, who shall review this appointment annually. The Property Manager shall arrange for all transportation and logistics of large musical instruments and equipment for each concert. Duties include ensuring the band set is set 30 minutes prior to each concert, loading and unloading the trailer, arranging and scheduling loading crews or assistants, driving the Mobile Pops trailer to and from storage locations and performance venues, and keeping track of equipment.

The Property Manager is a paid position that serves an annual appointment. Pay will be determined by the Board of Directors.

Qualifications - The following qualifications are required for consideration:

•Valid drivers license

•Owns a truck capable of pulling a loaded 20 ft trailer

•Ability to safely drive with and maneuver a 20 ft trailer

•Resides within a 50 mile radius to rehearsal space

•Able to lift and maneuver heavy instruments and equipment

•Willing to store Mobile Pops trailer in a safe location, such as at home or other location approved by the Board of Directors

How to Apply - To be considered for this position, please email a brief statement of interest to by February 29th, 2024. The selected applicant will serve a paid trial period of 1 year or the remainder of the season depending on date of contract.

We are excited by the prospect of you joining our organization!

The Mobile Symphonic Pops Band Board of Directors

Click the file below for a PDF version of this advertisement:

Property Manager
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